We help companies and individuals empower and motivate their leadership, marketing and sales teams for success.

– Tiffany VanDeMark, Founder & CEO
  • Create awesome customer experiences
  • Motivate and empower teams to deliver on your vision and goals
  • Build high-impact marketing and sales programs
  • Get the expertise you need for growth

Our specialty is working with companies and organizations whose mission promotes the health and well-being of their customers and employees, particularly in the medical, and health and fitness industries.


VanDeMark Partners helps clients develop better leaders, teams and resources while significantly improving ROI on their brand, marketing and sales investments. Our corporate services fall into four general categories: brand empowerment, experiential marketing, sales motivation and training and marketing resource management.


Brand Empowerment

A logo, tagline and visual images are important brand ingredients. But to empower your brand and build brand equity in the market, you must also translate your “brand image” into a day-to-day “brand reality” that’s part of every customer’s experience. We will help you learn how to deliver on your brand’s promise by engaging and delighting customers at every touchpoint and by inspiring customers to share your brand information with others.

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Experiential Marketing

Mastering the art of experiential marketing gives you a stunning market advantage. High-impact events and interactive content allow your customers to directly participate with your brand, generating a deeper, emotional engagement for them and measurable sales leads for you. From trade shows to product demos and sponsored events, we will show you how to successfully connect with customers on a highly personal level.

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Sales Motivation & Training

Greater knowledge, insights and confidence dramatically boost a sales teams’ performance—proven time and time again by companies who know how to train and motivate their sales teams well. We can equip your teams with customer and product knowledge and a toolkit of branded resources, and we offer project-based services that range from training content development to customized motivational programs designed just for you.

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Marketing Resource Management

What separates superior marketing organizations from the rest is having quick access to specialized expertise and support, along with the time, energy and skills to manage teams and resources to their best advantage. Through our partner network, we will connect you to the best resources in the business. We also step in as a temporary marketing or project director to plan, lead and manage key projects and internal teams as needed.

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Our partners are experts and leaders in their respective fields. VanDeMark Partners links its clients to collaborative exchanges with a solid team of skilled and experienced professional executives. If your organization is interested in joining our team and making these connections, we’d love to hear from you. Contact us today!

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It doesn’t have to be lonely at the top. VanDeMark Partners offers support through our leadership coaching services. We can help you develop or enhance your own leadership style — one that is unique to you, your voice, and your vision. We offer more than a one-size-fits-all approach to leadership and management. We provide you the tools and strategies to leverage how your unique talents are suited to best motivate and lead in your organization’s culture and structure.

  • Executive & Life Coaching

    Identify your strengths and develop needs; emphasize existing strengths to improve performance; develop an actionable strategy; manage a more productive staff; and grow your business.

  • Speaking Engagements

    Looking for a dynamic speaker to energize your team or lead an internal workshop or training event? We can inspire your staff at corporate events, conferences and executive retreats, or help you create a customized learning session for your leadership teams.

  • Women in Business

    Women’s status in organizational and corporate leadership has improved dramatically, but there are still challenges that are unique to the female executive. VanDeMark Partners works to address and navigate these obstacles to position women for success.

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We place a high premium on the relationships we have built with our partners and clients. The trust and confidence we share with our customers and strategic stakeholders is a driving force for VanDeMark Partners. Together, with our partners, we aim to provide outstanding service that is both responsible for your success and responsive to your needs.

Tiffany is a detail-oriented, energetic leader. She provides razor sharp direction, has inherent overflowing optimism and is nothing but an absolute pleasure to work with. Her energy is second to none, which brings the energy of her team, and everyone around her up as well. She is the definition of a 'Brand Ambassador' and truly lives the values of the product she's marketing. Recommend Tiffany if you care about your company, and want to see immediate, positive, efficient results.

Dan Hyman Owner at Dangerous Productions Inc.

Tiffany is a force of nature with her positive spirit, energy and above all infectious disposition. She is also an accomplished team leader, brand strategist, innovator and entrepreneur. The way Tiffany overcome obstacles and turns challenges into opportunities continues to amaze me every time. She was a fundamental pilar in the development of the brand in the US and continue to make it one of the most loved brands through her grass root marketing leadership and innovative ideas. She is a natural relationship builder and keeper that will easily adapt to different situations and circumstances. I would welcome the opportunity to work with Tiffany again and would highly recommend her to any ambitious company.

Nuno Pena International Marketing & Business

Tiffany is a burst of smart, hard driving energy with the talent and vision to lead through example. A wise addition to any team looking for a sustainable advantage.

Doron Stern CMO at GoHealth Urgent Care

Working with Tiffany has been a huge benefit to our company. She delivers results for all parties involved and drives each relationship with a level of nonstop enthusiasm I am not used to seeing in business these days. Her unmatched positive attitude and organizational skills help motivate everyone around her to be better at everything they do. We look forward to being associated with VanDeMark Partners for a long time and certainly appreciate the relationship and business success we have created together.

Jason Neman Owner / Partner, Good Brand Company

If you worked with Tiffany you know what I mean, she truly lights up a room both with her positive energy and ability to get things done.

Julian Lago President, Benezon

Tiffany is one of the most creative and energetic professionals I have ever worked with. She thinks outside the normal and uses all resources at her disposal to deliver unique and highly visible marketing campaigns. Her years of marketing experience is the main reason she is so successful in her sales capacities. She has proven to me you cannot have good sales without great marketing. She is a tremendous resource to my company....

Mike Nicholson Founder/CEO • Revenue Management Corporation

Tiffany is one of the most motivating and results-oriented leaders we’ve ever encountered. She works with efficiency, energy and focus to deliver what she promises, without fail. She accomplishes this not by bulldozing other people, but by inspiring them. She is a natural marketer, a terrific coach, an “out-of-the-box” creative strategist and a buttoned-up project manager. Our experience of working with Tiffany has been every bit as rewarding as the outstanding results she’s helped us achieve on her behalf. We’re fortunate to count her among our clients and colleagues.

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VanDeMark Partners was created to help companies and organizations in the medical, health, and fitness industries—and any company whose mission includes having a positive impact on the health and well‐being of their customers and employees. We offer highly personalized executive-level services honed by our experiences on the front lines with top healthcare providers, as well as start-ups, online businesses, healthcare IT companies and health and fitness organizations.

Our advisory, coaching and training services can help you overcome:

  • Challenges activating your brand in the market
  • Difficulty engaging prospects and customers
  • Conflict between teams or siloed departments
  • Less than stellar business results

We closely collaborate with a network of specialty partners who can assist you with brand identity and messaging, website development, marketing content creation and graphic design—and we have partners who can guide you in franchising, billing, and business management. We connect you with the right creative and strategic thinkers to fit your organization’s goals.

I am so excited to launch Vandemark Partners!

I’ve been working steadily toward this day with a clear vision:

Vandemark Partners will clearly define your brand story as the springboard to create amazing customer experiences. We’ll do this by calling on the stellar talents of rock-solid vendors and partners who have proven themselves time and again. All the relationships and networks I built while working at Fit for Life, at Chobani, at Rennova Health, I’m now putting to work for you.

I’m fortunate to be “doing what I love and having fun doing it”—and making sure it’s a win for everyone involved.

I pride myself on my motivation and results-oriented leadership. I am passionate about leading and building teams to accomplish strategic goals.

And the best part? Being a winner doesn’t mean sacrificing time for family, friends, time for solitude and, community, time for contemplation and good works. A healthy work-life balance is key to achieving your goals while enjoying the journey to the fullest.

With 20 years’ experience in corporate, business-to-business and consumer environments, I still get excited by the powerful impact of creating passionate, enthusiastic connections with customers, employees and partners.

What I Do

  • Sales Enablement
  • Business Development
  • Marketing
  • Corporate Storytelling
  • Motivational Speaking
  • Training and Coaching

Who I Do It For

  • Medical Industry
  • Behavioral Health
  • Substance Abuse Treatment
  • Sports Medicine and Orthopedic
  • Healthcare technology
  • Medical Billing
  • Health and Fitness
  • Nutrition

I’ll always be grateful that I started my career as a small business owner, and even more so that my business—FitForLife—was wellness coaching and personal training. I worked with hundreds of customers and my team of 17 staff, and that experience instilled a love of training and motivational work that inspires everything I do with energy and enthusiasm.

That experience stood me well when I was asked to develop and lead two marketing departments for Chobani Greek Yogurt—Health/Wellness and Experiential Marketing. This is where I honed my skills in customer experience and brand activation, including Chobani’s sponsorship of U.S. Olympic Teams.

My personal and professional interest in health led to me being tapped as head of marketing at Medytox, Inc., a medical solutions company providing services to the behavioral health and substance abuse treatment sector.

I installed a marketing team, pulled in strategic vendors, developed a 360° marketing program, and spearheaded a comprehensive re-branding initiative that created the Rennova Health, Inc. master brand and realigned the company’s seven subsidiary brands. I then coordinated all the marketing efforts around Rennova’s induction to the NASDAQ exchange in 2015 (RNVA).

Now I’ve created Vandemark Partners to help companies and organizations in the medical, health and fitness industries—and any company whose mission includes having a positive impact on the health and well‐being of their customers and employees.

With 20 years’ experience in corporate, business-to-business and consumer environments, I still get excited by the powerful impact of creating passionate, enthusiastic connections with customers, employees and partners.

Tiffany VanDeMark
Tiffany VanDeMark Founder & CEO

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